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Abortion Is Something No One Should Ever Have to Travel For

Not today, not ever. 
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There are certain things no one should ever have to travel for. Safe abortions and comprehensive reproductive healthcare rank at the very top of that list. In light of today's Supreme Court ruling, which overturns Roe v. Wade, it's expected that women in around half of the United States will no longer have fundamental local access to what have been constitutionally protected services for half of a century. Below is a list of resources to help support those whose abortion access has now been severely restricted.

For those seeking abortion services

National Abortion Federation

Abortion Finder

Shout Your Abortion

Abortion Care Network

Plan C

Midwest Access Coalition

Planned Parenthood

If you'd like to donate or get involved

National Network of Abortion Funds

Abortion Funds in Every State

Keep Our Clinics

Repro Legal Defense Fund

Liberate Abortion